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For those looking for the ultimate ski or snowboarding adventure, please say hello to Tröllaskagi.

Tröllaskagi, or Troll peninsula, is one of the most extraordinary mountain destinations in Iceland. It lies in North Iceland between the fjord of Skagafjörður and the fjord of Eyjafjorður. The peninsula is mountainous with several peaks reaching over 1,200m above sea level, some over 1,400m, and the tallest one Kerling at 1538m. It is the part of Iceland with the highest elevation outside the central highlands.

The Troll peninsula is an area of spectacular natural beauty where the beauty of the mountains and the fjords is awe-inspiring and the Northern lights shine during the wintertime. The peninsula is defined by several deep valleys that were carved by glaciers during the last Ice age, and latterly by the rivers that now flow down those valleys. A few permanent glacier ice caps still exist in central Tröllaskagi but they are all rather small.

Iceland is a world-class destination for ski touring, backcountry skiing, cat skiing, heli-skiing and ski mountaineering. The centre of activity is the Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland with vertical descents of up to 1500m or almost 5000ft, endless number of peaks and slopes for all abilities with abundant snowfall make this a paradise for skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers.

The season lasts from the end of February until the beginning of June, and with the continual daylight of the Arctic Sun overhead and mild temperatures, snow conditions remain favourable with great corn skiing and the occasional powder dump well into June.

The fact that the Troll Peninsula is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean makes for incredible opportunities of skiing right down to the ocean on stable coastal snowpack but also adds the excitement of Arctic weather and conditions. Iceland is a true adventure skiing destination.

Heli-Skiing in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. Long descents over the North Atlantic Ocean are punctuated by never ending sunsets. Limitless terrain ignites new exploration in even the most seasoned of skiers. Long daylight hours allow you to choose the best time of day to ski given the weather and snow conditions. Early season and stormy periods equal powder skiing in a maritime climate, while long sunny days transition the snow into perfect corn skiing.

The nature of the Troll Peninsula is powerful and the mountainous landscape adds an adventures atmosphere. The peaceful mountains, sound of the wave, clear winter night sky, northern light, soft breeze of the spring, blue berry hills during the fall. Everything that money can´t buy, leaving a pure joy at heart. Magical.


Resort Altitude: 102m

Ski Elevation: 0m - 1,397m

Ski Domain: Tröllaskagi

Pistes: 1,500 square miles of off-piste
Nearest Airports

Akureyri (AEY): 1h 30m / 88km

Tröllaskagi RESORT MAP

Luxury Chalet Deplar Farm in Tröllaskagi, Iceland
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Luxury Catered Chalet in Tröllaskagi, Iceland
Sleeps: 28


  • 4 or 6 day heli-ski trips available
  • Beautifully renovated property
  • Stunning location
  • Geothermal infinity pool
Per person
4-6 nights
Low Season$10,000 High Season$15,000